May 13, 2021

Artilleriet Art Collaboration

Emelie Thornadtsson

Photo: Mikael Lundblad

We are proud to present our exclusive collaboration with the brilliant and talented artist Emelie Thornadtsson.
A collection of selected works, all one of a kind.

We have drawn attention to Emelie Thornadtsson because of her unmistakable shape and sculptural craftsmanship. Emelie uses clay as her primary material in her art. All her works are made by hand. She works with as few tools as possible to get as close to the material as possible and leaving clear traces of the hands' work in the material.

“When I create new pieces, I often start from spatiality and use. I want my works to be both sculptural and decorative in themselves, but also to be able to be used. Therefore, I say that my works are functional sculptures or sculptural items.”

“From the start, the utility vase has been my passion, which is still close to my heart. My latest fascination that I have focused on is the candlestick or, more specifically, the candelabra from which I created my handmade version.”

“It is essential for me that my work cannot be mistaken for being anything other than handmade and unique. I make sure to make it original in its shape and glazing. Not one piece is the same, for the pieces to be completely unique and exclusive of its kind.”

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