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Z11 Black - Silk Cashmere White
May Natural Large

October 25, 2018

Ay Illuminate

Natural Beauties

Ay Illuminate’s majestic products celebrate the unique beauty of traditional handicrafts around the globe. The design team finds inspiration from nature, and cultures around the world. In continuous cooperation with artisans in Asia and Africa, they explore materials and traditional skills that are developed locally. This results in contemporary design with organic shapes, created with new techniques in natural materials. 

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Z5 Black - Cotton Cover

Z5 Black - Sisal Net Black

Ay illuminate tries to contribute to the environment by focusing on bamboo in the latest model line-up. Bamboo is a renewable resource that grows two times faster than a tree and releases 30% more oxygen into the atmosphere.

Z1 Black - Silk Cashmere White

We love and embrace the fundamental values of Ay Illuminate and are therefore honored to offer a wide range of their lights.

Rattan Bell Large

Z1 Black - Sisal Net Tea Dyed

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