May 03, 2019

Bergs Potter

Once upon a time in Copenhagen.

During one of the bleakest periods of 1940’s, Victor Berg inherited a ceramics shop on Rantzausgade in the Nørrebro neighborhood of Copenhagen. Victor, an eager young accountant, wanted to bring a bit of life and color into the war-depressed lives of his fellow Copenhageners. He decided the best way to do so would be to add flowers to the shop. The unique combination of fresh flowers and aged ceramics soon made the store a popular place to visit and shop.

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Demand for flowers and pots grew swiftly, and Victor’s business grew, so too did his family. Victor Berg continued to be a part of the flower shops until his death.

His children, Steffen and Sysser, knew early on that they would carry on their father’s passion for flowers and pots. The Berg siblings also were enthusiastic about pottery, history and archeology, which took them on a search through several Scandinavian castles, noble manor houses and historical archives.

In the end, they stumbled on their first great inspiration in an old garden shed. There, they found an elegant flowerpot that gave the inspiration for the most well known, the Copenhagen Pot. This line of new pots was (and still is) produced from the finest terracotta – as royal potters had used centuries before.

Steffen and Sysser’s search for ceramic cultural heritage paid off as they travelled throughout Europe to find the continent’s best pottery. In Tuscany they found what they had been searching for: skilled clay craftsmen and imaginative pottery artisans and production on designs inspired by the Italian artisans and their historic pots.

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