June 17, 2018

Artilleriet Exclusive

Eldvarm Emma Noir

In the ever faster pace of our times, our need for moments of warmth, tranquility and togetherness is greater than ever. The Eldvarm mission is to elevate the precious pauses in life through a collection of elegantly designed and crafted objects and accessories around the fireplace.

Together with Eldvarm we have refined the beautiful and classic design by Emma Olbers in an all black and brass Artilleriet Exclusive design of the companion tool set and wood basket – Eldvarm Emma Noir. A timeless and sophisticated version of fireplace products.

The brushes are produced on traditional machines at the Brosserie Julio, in Nantes, France, a family business since 1947. All the leather is from the Swedish tannery Tärnsjö, established in 1873 and considered to be one of Europe’s finest producers of vegetable tanned leather, and is the only certified organic tannery in the world. The wood come from sustainably managed forests in Europe and North America.

Eldvarm is produced with a careful selection of materials and quality of supreme craftsmanship in Europe.
All materials are ethically sourced natural materials of the highest quality.

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