September 23, 2018

Pyjama Haute Couture

P. Le Moult

Eugène Le Moult lived an extraordinary life with adventure and poetry. He was the world’s No1. butterfly-hunter at a time when butterfly collecting was de rigueur for gentlemen of class. His taste in clothes and acquired taste for made-to-measure nightwear was optimistically embraced by the whole family and today these pieces have been released by Eugène’s great grand-daughter Praline Le Moult.

Graduate of both Central-Saints Martins and the Ècole des Beaux Arts de Paris, as well as being winner of LVMH Arts, P.Le Moult inherited Eugène’s clothes, leading to inspiration for several nightwear collections – all referring to different episodes in the life of Eugéne Le Moult, the great butterfly hunter.

«People  think  that  hunting  butterflies  is  a  symbol  of  cute  nonchalance.  In  fact  it's  a  sport,  and  even  one  of  the  hardest.  In  France  this  would  mean  constant  walking,  climbing,  sprinting  or  long-distance  running.  In  the  tropics,  it's  the  same  thing,  plus  the  threat  of  wild  animals.»
- Eugène Le Moult  in  Paris  Match  no.314  2nd  April  1955

As one of the few selected distributors of P.Le Moult we are proud to present this limited unisex collection of dreamy nightwear from Vienna, Austria.

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